The sequence of the presentations follows for the Western Palearctic the COLLINS BIRD GUIDE by Mullarney et al., for the Nearctic the NORTH AMERICAN BIRD GUIDE by D. Sibley, for Ethiopia the BIRDS OF THE HORN OF AFRICA GUIDE by N. Redman et al., for Northern India BIRDS OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT GUIDE by R. Grimmett et al and for Australia the FIELD GUIDE TO AUSTRALIAN BIRDS by P. Slater.

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Last update: Nov 2014

On this website you will find 3x3 composites of single frames (freeze frames) from videos of the majority of bird species of the Western Palearctic and Nearctic, and collections from Ethiopia, Northern India (under construction) and Australia (under construction), filmed from 1985 onwards with improving equipment from analogue to HD digital and focal lengths between 2000 to 16 000mm. Pictures taken by my wife are marked with her name “Inge”.